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Oman customer check and accept YC 3D 5axis waterjet cutting system

Views: 418     Author: YC Water jet Technology Co.,Ltd     Publish Time: 2018-05-19      Origin: Site


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On May 14, 2018, our Oman clients came to our company to check and accept the 3D 5axis water jet cutting machine system they bought from our YC waterjet and learn how to operate this waterjet system. With the careful guidance of our engineers, customer quickly grasped the operation technology and tried cutting the samples. After seeing the samples, customer is very satisfied with the cutting effect.

L3015 3D water jet cutting

YC Water jet customer

YC Waterjet customer

You know the biggest feature of this machine is through using state-of-the-art technology and the Italian ECS control system,its bevel axis(A)can be reached ±45°and Rotary axis(C)can be reached ±540°.So this 3D 5axis waterjet plays an irreplaceable role in cutting cones, bending wheels and gears.

3D 5 axes cutting sample



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