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High Accuracy Waterjet Cutting Machine For Glass

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With the progress of the times, glass has been used more and more in all walks of life, and more diversified demands have been put forward for glass products: for example, in home decoration design, the advantages of glass will also be used to decorate, increasing the visual transparency of space, which is conducive to indoor lighting, and so on; Laminated or laminated glass will also be used for decoration in places with high requirements for sound insulation, or places where outdoor ultraviolet radiation needs to be filtered.

High Accuracy Waterjet Cutting Machine For Glass

Today, let's talk about the emerging laminated or laminated glass, which is made of two or more pieces of glass, with transparent plastic lining or sealant sandwiched between them, and is bonded by hot pressing. What machine is used to cut it for decoration?

What machine is used to cut it for decorationHigh Accuracy Waterjet Cutting Machine

If the traditional diamond tool processing method is used, because the upper layer of glass is cut first, and then the glass is turned over to cut the lower layer, it will inevitably increase the probability of damage to the glass. In addition, if the glass is large, the turning difficulty will also increase. The most important thing is that the glass has been moved twice, and the upper and lower slits are difficult to align, which greatly reduces the cutting accuracy and increases the damage rate of the glass. Moreover, because the ordinary cutting machine is a contact cutting machine, it will generate heat when cutting, so the interlayer or the interlayer between the laminated glass will expand and deform due to heat. At this point, belongs to the cold cutting High Accuracy Waterjet Cutting Machine is undoubtedly the most suitable cutting machine.

waterjet cutting machine

The waterjet cutting machine does not generate heat when cutting. It does not need to cut the glass first and then cut the laminated adhesive layer like the traditional cutting machine, which saves the step of turning the glass. Waterjet Cutting Machine For Glass only needs to cut once. This avoids the disadvantage of difficult alignment of the cutting seams, greatly improves the cutting accuracy, reduces the damage rate of the glass, and does not deform the sections of the laminated or adhesive layer that are difficult to cut.

Waterjet Cutting Machine For Glass

Therefore, choosing High Accuracy Waterjet Cutting Machine to cut laminated or laminated glass not only reduces the damage to materials, but also increases the cutting accuracy.



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