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Automotive Interior

The ultra-high-pressure waterjet cutting technology provides low kerf width and features no contaminant, heat or thermal deformation. It is almost the only choice of automatically processing the automotive interior.

Interior car parts are normally made from a variety of thermoplastic materials including PU, PET, EVA, PVC, etc. These materials are highly sensitive to heat, which may lead to thermal deformation and the release of poisonous gas produced through combustion. For this reason, we choose to use the cold cutting method.

We know that both the car roofs and car interior parts possess complicated shapes, unusually curved outlines and an array of unusually shaped or distributed holes. In this circumstance, a 6-axis linkage robot could be your best choice of water jet cutting. The robot operation features fast speed, high accuracy and a consistently high level of quality. It is proved to fully meet the requirement for high efficiency batch production in the automotive industry. If you require the kerf width to reach only 0.2mm, try to use our ultra-high-pressure waterjet cutting machine that comes in pressures up to 380MPa. This machine can run at speeds up to 200mm/sec, and it will not produce any hazardous waste. The water that is used in the cutting process can be simply filtered and directly discharged. Plus the advantages of fast speed and high precision, the robotic waterjet cutting technology has been an outstanding and irreplaceable processing method used in automotive upholstery industry. 
waterjet cutting
waterjet cutting



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