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  • The water jet cutting machine can work on metal materials, enabling the thickness to reach over  100mm. It features a surface roughness of 1.6μm, a precision of ±0.10mm and no heat damage to materials, thus making it an ideal choice for precise shaping and cutting.
  • 企业微信截图_2ec63f28-c823-4342-9ecf-8a8722df92c7 The water jet cutter with a precision of 0.1mm has the capability to produce very complicated puzzles and wall murals with uniform seam allowances. 
  • Our waterjet cutting machinery can process flat glass(0—100mm)  by creating any geometric figure you want. After processing,the incision of glass is smooth, clean and burr free, and the width of incision is only 1mm.
  • As composite material consists of two or more different kinds of materials,so the traditional processing method is not only easy to damage the material incision, but also lead to delamination. But waterjet cutting solves these problems perfectly.
  • The ultra-high-pressure waterjet machine cuts food without causing bacterial spread. It doesn't have to stop working when the tool is being sharpened. 
  • The ultra-high-pressure waterjet cutting technology provides low kerf width and features no contaminant, heat or thermal deformation. It is almost the only choice of automatically processing the automotive interior.
  • 企业微信截图_96f1a212-58f0-489a-98f1-95ff4d9e5618        In this aerospace industry, our water jet machine is not only suitable for cutting carbon fiber composite
           materials that vary in size from 1mm to 150mm.



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