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Indonesian customers visit YC Industry

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Indonesian customers visit YC Industry

On July 12, 2023, the Indonesian customer led technicians to YC Waterjet factory for exchange and inspection and conducted in-depth communication on the procurement needs of waterjet.


Indonesian customers is looking a solution to cut phenolic and epoxy board.

Phenolic panels are currently on a trajectory path to rising within the market. Industries such as construction, education, transportation, laboratory, and defense are turning to high-pressure laminate panels for sustainability, durability, and high quality.

Phenolic panels (also called high-pressure or HPL panels) are highly resistant architectural panels made of natural core material layers and thermosetting resins, manufactured under high pressure and temperature.

Crafted specifically for durability with unlimited design freedom, phenolic wall panel systems provide both versatile and sustainable options for architects and designers globally.


Advantages of water jet cutting machine

1. Strong versatility, almost all materials can be cut;

2. The water jet is cold cutting, which does not produce thermal effects, no deformation, no dross, no ablation during cutting, and will not change the physical and chemical properties of the material.

3. Small kerf, coupled with the characteristics of cooling cutting, can improve the utilization rate of materials.

4. The cutting medium is only water and natural abrasives, and no other substances are produced during the cutting process, which is a clean and environmentally friendly cutting process.

5. After cutting, the cutting surface is neat and smooth, and will not cause any damage to the cut object during the cutting process, and can perform cutting operations that many cutting tools cannot achieve

Customers and we think that waterjet cutting machine is the ideal tool for cutting phenolic and epoxy board





YC waterjet have been manufacturing and selling water jet cutting machines since the year 2005, we have been cooperating with USA Hypertherm/Accustream since 2009, Whatever the waterjet parts or intensifier assembly, also the whole high-pressure pumps.

We adopt high-performance ball screws, helical rack & pinion, and linear guide rail on the waterjet cutting table, YASKAWA Servo system.

Our products have been already sold to more than 60 countries around the world. We have agents in the UK, Russia, Poland, Oman, Egypt, and Korea.

We welcome customers at home and abroad to visit and negotiate with our factory.



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