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Fiber Laser Cutting

Machine tool photos
Product functional characteristics
ycsd_111, Independent R & D, manufacturing cutting table , special processing technology,high precision, stable and reliable, long service life
ycsd_112, The main body of the steel plate welding, transmission structure, on the axis of aluminum cast beams, light weight, fast response, good dynamic performance
ycsd_113, Under the dual drive shaft precision helical structure on shaft bevel gear transmission,stable and reliable motion
ycsd_114, The international first-class quality fiber laser, long history of industrial applications,maintenance easily, stable and reliable
ycsd_115, With high response and high precision servo motor
ycsd_116, High precision laser cutting head, imported optical lens, focusing on fine,convenient adjustment and perfect cutting
Product advantage
      YC laser cutting machine body using steel box welding process, twice annealing and on the large gantry CNC lathe processing.
      YC laser cutting machine gantry structure under the dual drive, linear guide and rack pair inclined installation, the stress state is more reasonable, the movement is more stable.
      The cast aluminum beam, YC laser cutting machine with light weight, good dynamic response, faster acceleration,better comprehensive cutting effect.
      YC laser cutting machine adopts international first-class brand transmission components, THK linear guide, YYC grinding gear rack, SHIMPO flange output precision reducer,
      The strict assembly process quality inspection, perfect quality system, inspection equipment and high precision laser interferometer, laser collimator and the three coordinate projector, to ensure every delivered equipment can achieve the company quality standards.
Laser source
Trudisk laser series combined the solid laser with the diode laser advantage. Diode laser resource to provide the energy of the excitation and ensure the high efficiency and beam quality.
ycsd_11Beam, high quality
ycsd_11High efficiency
ycsd_11High availability
ycsd_11Power 2KW-16KW
ycsd_11Compact structure
ycsd_11Easily maintain
ycsd_11All size fiber, freely plug and play
ycsd_11Beam quality 2 – 25mm*mrad
Trudisk laser series be with the power feedback modules,greatly improve the stability and reliability. Processing the non-ferrous metal materials such as aluminium , cooper.
IPG fiber laser is the one of the most widely used , the most reliable in the world. The cutting efficiency and quality acquired by the major of the end users. The optical fiber transmit directly to the cutting head without the loss. The laser resource installed separately, which be easily cooled by the deionized water. the fiber laser powerunit smaller and lighter.
ycsd_11Excellent beam quali-ty(BPP)
ycsd_11Full power rang products, con- stant BPP
ycsd_11Very small spot under long focal length
ycsd_11Photoelectric conversion effic- iency 30%
ycsd_11Maintenance easily
ycsd_11Modular design, plug and play
ycsd_11Compact, easy installation
ycsd_11100 thousand running hours
Raycus is a famous fiber laser supplier in China. Its fiber laser has been widely used in cutting field. The single mode continuous fiber laser with high efficiency, good beam quality, high reliability, long service life and high reliability, etc.. In the application of thin sheet metal materials, the cutting edge of the series laser is narrow and the surface is smooth, with respect to the same type of laser. QCS or QBH optical fiber transmission system is used in this series, which has many control modes and good compatibility.
ycsd_11High efficiency
ycsd_11Excellent beam quality
ycsd_11CW or modulated mode
ycsd_11QCS/QBH transmission optical fiber
ycsd_11Maintenance free
Max is the first independent R&D of the fiber laser products, main components supplied by Chinese suppliers. The spare parts and service price very competitive in the market. Max Fiber Laser reliable and stable, quick process, cutting quality is recognized in the field. Compared with other brand Max is the outstanding of domestic lasers.
ycsd_11Wavelength rang 1070 ~ 1090nm
ycsd_11Beam quality TEM00(M2<1.4)
ycsd_11Over 100 thousand hours of diode life
ycsd_11Maintenance free
ycsd_11Single mode optical Fiber transmission
Laser cutting head
Germany Precitec, LaserMech and Swiss RAYTOOLS AG laser cutting head recognized to be the most excellent laser cutting head , the cutting ability and quality are more applied to meet the different customer requirement. Qiaolian laser recommender the customer the efficient solution to reach the best cut quality.
CNC Controller
PA8000 CNC and FSCUT2000 CNC controller is the most widely used and the most sophisticated controller. PA8000C CNC is a closed-loop system, high speed response, mainly used in high-level laser cutting machine. FSCUT2000 CNC is a great performance with the open loop laser control system. its processing technology and the powerful graphics editing features are very reliable and practical, easy to operate, easy to learn , and the main application in the field of Laser cutting power 500W, 700W, 1000W.
Cutting Sample
Thin Plate
Middle Thick Plate
Thick Plate

Core component options

Featuring a low noise, no pollution, high precision and high reliability 

Unique design of this water jet cutting machine makes the installation and the maintenance easier.Stable working pressure to ensure the working efficiency.




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