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Plasma Cutting Machine

YC high precision plasma bevel cutting machine

CNC plasma 5-axis bevel cutting machine is used for steel plate,aluminum,iron, copper and other metal materials processing with higher speed and angle compensation. For the different thickness and materials, the power supply can be adjusted accordingly. Its the best choice for the high accuracy and efficiency material cutting processing.
With 5-axis bevel cutting it has the angle compensation to solve the angle cutting for customer.

Cutting Table Parameter

Cutting table type Gantry
Efficient cutting area(mm) Can be customized
CNC control system EDGE Pro(Hypertherm/USA)
Arc voltage height sensor Sensor THC(Hypertherm/USA)
Bevel head system IMA(TECNO/Italy)
Cutting accuracy +/-0.01mm
Supply power voltage/ frequency 380v±10%/50Hz    3PHASE/220v±10%/50Hz 3PHASE
Input power 3KW
Compressed air Dry, Oil free ; pressure:0.8Mpa;flow: 1.0 m3/h
Drive model Mitsubishi AC servo motor
Rail HIWIN liner guide rail , high-precision railway


   EDGE-Pro (Hypertherm)

* With Patented CutPro® Wizard, even new operators can be cutting production parts in less than five minutes
* On-screen Software Operator’s Console (Soft OpCon) allows easy setup and operation of cutting station and manual motion
* Integrated communications with plasma and torch height control systems deliver automated and expert control using installed
factory or custom cut charts
* Custom cut charts can be created and controlled in the part program or made available to the CutPro Wizard
* EDGE Connect runs on the Windows® 10 Enterprise operating system

    Plasma power-Hypertherm

   Bevel Head System (IMA TENCO/Italy) 

Height Control Sensor-Hypertherm (ArcGlide THC)

ArcGlide torch height control


Traditional torch height controls require operators to periodically adjust arc voltage to ensure proper cut height. UsingHypertherm’s proprietary techniques, the ArcGlide® torch height control (THC) continuously samples arc voltage and automaticallyadjusts arc voltage for proper torch height over the life of the consumables without requiring operator input.
The result: optimal cut quality, improved productivity and reduced operating costs for plasma cutting applications – including 
True Hole® capability for HyPerformance® plasma HPRXD® installations. The ArcGlide THC is available in both CNC-integrated (with
Hypernet® communication) and standalone configurations.

Cutting Sample



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