We will attend the 123rd Canton Fair on 15th-19th,April.Our booth No. is 1.1F16 We will attend the 123rd Canton Fair on 15th-19th,April.Our booth No. is 1.1F16
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The water jet cutting machine can work on metal materials, enabling the thickness to reach over 100mm. It features a surface roughness of 1.6μm, a precision of ±0.10mm and no heat damage to materials, thus making it an ideal choice for precise shaping and cutting.
The water jet cutter with a precision of 0.1mm has the capability to produce very complicated puzzles and wall murals with uniform seam allowances. 
This equipment can perform both shaping and drilling operations, providing the advantages of wide varieties, high precision, a nice exterior and high quality sandy-finish cuts. 
The ultra-high-pressure waterjet machine cuts food without causing bacterial spread. It doesn't have to stop working when the tool is being sharpened. 
The ultra-high-pressure waterjet cutting technology provides low kerf width and features no contaminant, heat or thermal deformation. It is almost the only choice of automatically processing the automotive interior.
In this aerospace industry, our water jet machine is not only suitable for cutting carbon fiber composite materials that vary in size from 1mm to 150mm.



  • Jun
    [Company news] Application of Water Jet Cutting in Composite Material Cutting 

    As  everyone  knows  that  a  composite  material  consists  of  two  or  more  kinds  of  materials,  it  is  a  new  performance  material  which  is  formed  through  physical  or  chemical  methods.It  not  only  has  a  non-uniform  composite  structure,  but  also  has  inconsistent  melting  points  in  the  composite  layers.  so  hot  cu

  • Apr
    [Company news] Product quality and service level are the foundation of enterprise development

    On  April  8th,  2019,  our  engineers  went  to  Poland  for  installation  and  debugging.  This  Poland  customer  has  purchased  three  large  machines  from  us,  one  set  is  2000  mm  *  6000  mm  water  jet  cutting  machine,  and  the  other  two  sets  are  2000  mm  *  6000  mm  plasma  cutting  machines,  It  shows  that  the  quality  of

  • Sep
    [Exhibition news] Wuxi YC waterjet will attend 124th Canton Fair

    The  Canton  Fair  is  the  first  platform  for  promoting  China's  foreign  trade  and  a  barometer  and  weathervane  for  China's  foreign  trade.  Therefore,  the  124th  autumn  Canton  Fair,  Wuxi  YC  water  jet  will  arrive  as  agreed.


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