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  • High Accuracy Waterjet Cutting Machine For Glass

    With the progress of the times, glass has been used more and more in all walks of life, and more diversified demands have been put forward for glass products: for example, in home decoration design, the advantages of glass will also be used to decorate, increasing the visual transparency of space, w

  • Integral Cast Frame Waterjet Cutting Machine For Glass

    Glass is a very common material in life, and also a widely used material, such as clean and transparent glass windows in buildings, mobile glass doors for isolation in bathrooms and balconies, and car glass. As long as you live on the earth, you can easily see it. Glass plays such a big role, how ca

  • Introduction to waterjet cutting

    Today, the well-known waterjet cutting is becoming an integral part of the production process thanks to its unparalleled advantages. For the production process, waterjet cutting makes it smoother and simpler. For the producer, waterjet cutting offers a painless and effortless operating experience, w

  • Introduction and characteristics of waterjet cutting equipment

    Waterjet cutting is a high-pressure water cutting technology that uses high-pressure water to cut off machinery. Water jet cutting equipment is computer-controlled and can cut workpieces at will,with little impact on material quality. Due to easy of operation and high yield rate, waterjet cutting ma

  • Four elements for choosing waterjet cutting

    With the increasing number of waterjet cutting service centers and agents on the market, we as users need to identify Water jet cutting mahine among the many waterjet cutting agent centers with reliable service and good quality equipment installation. Below I will briefly introduce some of the infor

  • What are the working principle and structural features of waterjet cutting?

    The waterjet cutting combines pumps, valves, seals, hydraulics, and automatic control, and consists of a high-pressure pump, a processing platform, a jet cutting head, a transmission system, and a water control system. Next, let's take a look at what are the working principle and structural features

  • What are the maintenance considerations for waterjet cutting?

    Correct operation methods and good maintenance are the keys to ensuring that the equipment can be used for a long time, so it is best to have a professional responsible for the maintenance and repair of the equipment. Cleaning the surface with industrial alcohol before installation and keeping the w

  • What are the characteristic advantages of waterjet cutting?

    The water jet cutting can be programmed quickly and can transfer programs generated by other software into the machine. It can create the tool path from CAD and calculate the precise positioning of the cutter head and the cutting speed over 2000 points/inch (800 points/cm), all you need to do is specify the material and thickness you want to cut and leave the rest to the machine. So do you know what other advantages waterjet cutting has to offer? Here are some answers.

  • Components and advantages of waterjet cutting

    Waterjet cutting is a machine that uses high-pressure water to cut. Waterjet cutting has unique advantages compared with other processing methods such as flame cutting, plasma, laser, EDM, turning, milling and planning. At the same time, waterjet cutting does not produce harmful gases or liquids and does not generate heat on the surface of the workpiece, making it a truly versatile, efficient, cold cutting process. Next, let's take a look at the composition and advantages of waterjet cutting. Here are some answers.

  • Tips for choosing a waterjet cutting

    ​The waterjet cutting machine, known as a waterjet, is a wide range of industrial equipment that uses high-pressure water to perform cutting work. The advantages of waterjet cutting are obvious and its good working performance is trusted and chosen by more and more factory companies. So, in the face of the wide variety of products on the market, what specific kind of waterjet cutting is worth buying for consumers? What should I look for in a waterjet cutting machine? Here are some answers.

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