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Application of Waterjet Cutting Machine in Food Industry

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With the continuous exploration and progress of science and technology, the energy of water has become very powerful in food industry. High-pressure water jet cutting technology is popularized and applied in food industry such as fruit and vegetable, bakery cakes and meat.

CNC Control System

The high pressure water jet cutting technology has the characteristics of precision cutting, fast, high efficiency, low cost and high safety, intelligent control, simple operation and so on. It is of great practical value in food processing. The water jet cutting machine can control the cutting speed and cutting route through the numerical control device. The cutting surface of the food is smooth and well-shaped. You can also cut out special shapes for the new products.

cutting samplescutting samples


When it comes to food processing, many people question whether cutting with water is unsanitary. In fact, there is no need to worry about this problem,  the general civil water is completely unproblematic. Abrasives such as sugar and salt can be added to purified water for cutting .When it comes to cooked food processing, it' s better to use pure water. In addition to water, the cutting medium can be made with alcohol or glycerin.

 water jet cutting headThe advantage of water jet cutting is that it does not spread bacteria when cutting food with ultra-high pressure water. It also saves the downtime of the sharpening tool when using traditional cutting tool. An unblunted water arrow can cut extremely thin slices with surprising speed. The ultra-high pressure water cutting technology can be flexibly adjusted to meet the cutting needs of different products. In the processing of meat, poultry and fish, each piece of meat needs to be analyzed and trimmed through a series of complex procedures, and cut into the same size or weight. Water jet cutting machine can save a complex series of processing steps, which shortens processing time and greatly improves cutting efficiency.What’s more it can also cut the meat bone, skin and fiber together, without broken bone residue and there are very few hemorrhages.It greatly improves the quality of cutting and ensures the integrity of the ingredients.Even frozen meat can be cut into whatever shape is needed by water jet cutting machineThis process is convenient and quick, it takes only one or two people to complete the whole task,which saves a lot of manpower.

In the food industry, there are high demands on cutting precision, cutting temperature, shape and effect, taste and nutritional value. In particular, traditional thermal sterilization techniques can destroy the flavor, taste and nutritional value of heat-sensitive producs.However,when using the high-pressure water jet cutting technology,the food can achieve a thermal sterilization effect without thermal effect,avoiding thermal deformation.

water jet cutting head

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, food products will become more and more abundant, and the effective means for cutting food in special shapes is undoubtedly the water jet cutting machine. It can be seen that the application and prospect of water jet cutting technology in food processing are inexhaustible. The application of CNC water jet cutting machine in food processing industry has great economic and social benefits.



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