There are three basic parts for a set of waterjet cutting machine: cnc controller, cutting platform and high pressure pump.

Brief Overview Of Waterjet Machines

 Quick transition from drawing to cutting.

Rapid positioning with few or no clampers.

Unlike machining or grinding water jet cutting does not produce any steam, dust, smog, fire or other unwanted substances, thus making operators and environments much more safe in comparison to alternatives.

 Cold cutting process allows cutting metals without leaving a heat affected zone. This will eliminate the risk of hardening or thermal stress of the material. In this way, your project is left with a much higher quality level than with other methods.

The kerf width in water jet cutting is very small. Fast calibration function and flexible processing options are provided. This product has been proven to be ideal for use in mass production.
When working with CAD or CAW software, it can perform water jet cutting on almost all materials, enabling the thickness to reach 150 mm or more. 

Industrial Waterjet Cutting Solutions

Waterjet cutting is a versatile and efficient method that finds applications in various industries. By harnessing the power of high-pressure water combined with abrasive materials, waterjet cutting machines can cut through a wide range of materials with incredible precision and without heat deformation.

Manufacturing Industry

In the manufacturing industry, waterjet cutting is widely used for cutting metals such as steel, aluminum, copper, and titanium. It is particularly beneficial in the fabrication of automotive parts, aerospace components, and industrial machinery. The ability to achieve intricate designs and precise cuts makes waterjet cutting an invaluable tool in this sector.

Construction Industry

In the construction industry, waterjet cutting offers numerous advantages. It is commonly employed to cut materials like concrete, marble, granite, and tiles. This technology enables construction professionals to create custom shapes, sizes, and patterns with ease. Additionally, waterjet cutting eliminates the production of dust and reduces noise pollution, making it an environmentally friendly choice for construction projects.

Architectural Industry

The architectural industry also benefits greatly from waterjet cutting. Architects and designers can utilize this technology to cut and shape materials like metal, glass, stone, and wood. Waterjet cutting allows for the creation of intricate and unique designs, adding aesthetic value to buildings and structures.

Food Processing

Food processing is another sector where waterjet cutting is increasingly being utilized. The precision and cleanliness of waterjet cutting make it ideal for slicing various food products, including meats, fruits, vegetables, and baked goods. The lack of compression and damage to delicate food items ensures that their quality and appearance remain intact.


Waterjet cutting also finds applications in other industries such as shipbuilding, electronics, and aerospace. Its ability to cut through different materials, including composites and alloys, makes it a valuable tool for various manufacturing processes.

Customizable Waterjet Cutting Systems

Customizable X, Y, and Z axes Machine tool
Customizable X, Y, and Z axes
Machine tool with a z-axis of 1 meter
tube plate integrated water cutting machine
Customized model of tube plate integrated water cutting machine
Customization of water cutting production line
Customization of water cutting production line

Frequently Asked Questions About Waterjet Machines

  • What is the advantage of water jet cutting machine?
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    Cold processing, no heat deformation; Strong cutting ability, it can cut almost any material; pure water jet can cut soft materials, abrasive waterjet can cut hard materials, evenit can cut flammable and explosive objects; cutting accuracy is high, edge is neat. Waterjet also has the title of universal cutting machine.
  • How to choose a standard cutting table?
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    You need to offer the size of the materials you want to process or the size of the cutting table.
  • How to solve the incision bevel problem by 3 axis water cutting?
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    It is not a vertical cutting for a waterjet cutter. This is due to the physical characteristics of waterjet. If it is required precise vertical angle cutting, we will provide you with a five-axis dynamic cutting system. It can make a small angle compensation in the software.
  • Is the equipment easy to operate?
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    Based on the good waterjet software, opertaor can learn it easily. and if customer order new machine, our technician will provide training for the machine’s running and maintenance.
  • What is the advantage for YC high pressure pump?
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    YC has been cooperating with Accustream(Hypertherm) over 10 years, not only on the waterjet pump, but we also adopt the whole intensifier assy from the Hypertherm USA.
  • What is the advantage for YC high pressure pump?
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    YC has been cooperating with Accustream(Hypertherm) over 10 years, not only on the waterjet pump, but we also adopt the whole intensifier assy from the Hypertherm USA. Comparing with some other competitors , Our pumps can be working stable with 380mpa-400mpa for long time.
  • What about some special application or customized design?
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    We have good experience on waterjet cutting and some special waterjet cleaning, some projects like composite materials cutting line, Printing and dyeing nickel mesh cleaning machine,3D robot waterjet cutting & cleaning system, cutting station with glass production line, Waterjet cutting station with glass production line etc.

Waterjet Machine Maintenance And Support

Pre-sales Service

 YC owns a 20+ years team focusing on waterjet. We promise to provide prompt service. 
Any question will be replied within 12 hours. We promise to provide a reasonable and detailed quotation.
Welcome to send us your materials, and we will cut them into samples as required.  

After-sales Service

 If the product get issue that user can't solve them during the warranty period(One year), we will respond ASAP after receiving your request. Our staff will reach you by phone, email & remote support. If you still don't know how to repair, we will dispatch our maintenance staff to your designated destinations after negotiation.
If you need to purchase wear parts, we will respond ASAP and provide technical support after receiving your request.

Testimonials And Customer Reviews


Production facilities

YC has more than enough in production facilities to ensure your order of waterjet cutting machine will never be held up waiting for production.

Since 1999

We are engaged in machinery manufacturing since the year 1999,  There are two production managers have been working here since YC established, and there are more than 5 workers with more than 10 years experience in water jet cutting field.

Over 25 years experience

Our Chief engineer Mr. Tian has more than 25 years experience in water jet cutting field, he started his research of water jet cutting machine when he was a university student. There are two electrical engineers and one mechanical engineer who have 20 years experience in water jet cutting field. So our technical team can provide you professional support of waterjet machine.

From USA

YC is the partner of Accustream/Hyperthem, every year we have technical meetings with engineers from USA ,Absorb advanced technology and ideas of water jet cutting industry

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