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Cutting Head

Abrasive cutting head
Pure water cutting head


Ultra-high pressure water jet is mainly divided into abrasive cutting and only water cutting(Including pure water cutting). Therefore, the cutting head is also divided into abrasive waterjet cutting head and pure waterjet cutting head.
Abrasive waterjet cutting is mainly used for cutting metal (such as carbon steel, stainless steel, etc.), nonferrous metal (such as copper, aluminum, titanium alloy, magnesium alloy, etc.), stone, glass, large thickness composite materials (such as carbon fiber, glass fiber) and so on.
Only water cutting is mainly used for cutting rubber, foam, cloth, paper, rock wool, food pure waterjet cuttingand so on.
In recent years, with the application of water jet cutting more and more widely, people's requirements for water jet cutting are also getting higher and higher,from the initial complete vertical cutting to bevel chamfer cutting and even more complicated gradient surface cutting.Thus, a five axis cutting system with deflection angle and dynamic adjustment function has been produced.
5 axis waterjet cutting machine is divided into dynamic 5 axis waterjet cutting and 5axis 3D waterjet cutting . The functional difference between them is reflected in the waterjet cutting head.

Max 5 axis waterjet cutting head—3D waterjet cutting

Water jet cutting head Technical Parameters

-Bevel axis (A): ±45°
-Rotary axis (C): ±540°
-Control accuracy: ±0.01mm
-Angle accuracy: 0.01°
Max 5 axis waterjet cutting head is based on the standard three-axis (x-axis Y-axis Z-axis) and adds the a-axis (rotation around x-axis) and the c-axis (rotation around z-axis), which can achieve large-angle deflection。By using state-of-the-art technology and Italian ECS control system, it can produce 0-±45° or more inclined cuts with a maximum rotation angle of up to ±540°.Therefore, it can achieve the effect of 3d waterjet cutting.
With Max 5 axis water jet cutting system YC WATER JET has been widely used in cutting industry with high-precision requirement, such as cutting cone, arc-shaped impeller, gear and other workpieces.
Cutting Samples


Dynamic 5 axis waterjet cutting head—Bevel cutting

The Dynamic 5 axis water jet cutting head realizes any angle control of the cutting head by changing the inclination angle of the cutting head in the horizontal and vertical directions at the same time,It turns without pause and cuts faster. Its maximum inclination angle is 10 degrees,it is a kind of bevel cutting machine.
Due to the water jet cutting is a way of flexible cutting, therefore the product cross section after cutting by the traditional 3 axis water jet cutting machine will have a certain degree of inclination. In order to ensure the accuracy of vertical cutting section, it must reduce the cutting speed. Then, our dynamic 5 axis water jet cutting machine can ensure the accuracy of vertical cutting section by compensating the cutting angle, without reducing the cutting speed.This feature is used for cutting in various industries to keep the vertical.In the stone cutting industry is particularly prominent.
Its cutting head can be inclined to cut in any direction, the phenomenon of small surface and large bottom is eliminated, and the front side splice gap for stone pattern is smaller, So that this dynamic 5 axis water jet cutting machine can be used for cutting parquet stone, the parquet flooring does not need to be polished again, which can save time and labor.
Dynamic 5 axis cutting head 
X、Y、Z axis for transmission
A,B axis for compensation 0°-±10°
  Cutting samples

Multiple water jet cutting heads

Double cutting head or multiple cutting head means have two or more cutting heads on a cutting platform,that at the same time can perform the cutting task with the same track.
Mainly for large quantities of small parts,the capacity can be double or more under equivalent Energy consumption.
According to the special requirements of the customer, we can make the independent double cutting head (the distance between the cutting head can be adjusted) and the simple multi-cutting head (the distance between the cutting head is fixed).
The max quantity for only water waterjet cutting machine is 8 cutting heads.

Cutting Head with Drilling Function

Cutting with bit:

It refers to cutting with automatic drilling function, mainly to increase a fully automated drilling assembly in the traditional waterjet cutting machine, because when cut the smaller pore with waterjet, the accuracy is not high, the efficiency is low. The perfect combination of automatic drilling assembly and CNC waterjet system can achieve the automatic drilling, automatic feeding, automatic chip removal, pre-drilling before cutting and other functions for smaller pore. It has the ability to complete a one-time cutting drilling, that improve the quality of products, but also improve the efficiency of production.
The pre-drilling function before cutting is mainly used for the multi-layered composite material, because of the characteristics of high-pressure water jets, before cutting and during drilling, water jet will take some time to punch through the material from the surface of material. In the drilling process, the non-multi-layered die-casting material is not affected, and have a certain impact on the multi-layered die-casting composite material, likely to cause stratification. At this time you can use the pre-drilling function, hit a hole as the inlet for cutting. This function is currently the best way to solve the problem of easy stratification when cutting the multi-layered composite material.
Supplied air pressure 0.5 mpa
Drilling capacity stroke Thrust Air consumption Weight
Aluminum(ADC) Castiron(FC200) Steel(S45C) Total
Cutting feed
stroke output
Min^-1 mm mm mm mm N M^3/min(ANR) kg
SFC-1338 3800 13 8 6.5 5 Max.100 0-60 680 0.45 0.55 10
SFC-1325 3000 10 8 6
SFC-1311 1100 12 10 8
SFC-1305 700 14 12 10
(2) Cutting head with LED lights: Cutting head can be equipped with LED lights for using when the workshop working environment is dark.
(3) Infrared cross line laser module optional: easy for alignment of cutting head
(4) Automatic edge detection function: aligning of large, heavy workpieces which are hard to move
1. Drilling capacity will differ depending on air pressure supplied (standard pressure 0.5 MPa).
2. When processing materials other than resin with a small-diameter drill (below 1 mm diameter), it is recommended to use the rotation speed 7,000 min-1 or less.
3. Standard attachments for Hydro Speed Regulator are RB-2430 for SFB model and RB-2460 for SFC model.
4. The selection of models should be based on the shape of the work, material, machinability, tool diameter and material, rotation speed (cutting speed), etc.
5. To reach maximum output, it is necessary to advance more than 7 mm from the start position.
6. When using tools with a carbide drill and tool shank that are harder than general high-speed drills, please contact the nearest sales office.
  Cutting samples


Structure features of Standard waterjet:

A high pressure water jet cutting machine is a tool used for slicing metal and other materials using a jet of water at high velocity and pressure. Featuring a low noise, no pollution, high precision and high reliability, our water jet cutting machine has been used in a variety of applications, including mining, automobile manufacturing, paper manufacturing, food, art and architecture. Water jet machines can be used to cut rubber, foam, plastic, composite, stone, tile, marble, glass and other materials.
Model YC-L2015 YC-L3020 YC-L4030 YC-X1520 YC-X1830
Machine type
(L bridge, X fly arm)
Bridge type Bridge type Bridge type Fly arm type Fly arm type
Efficient Cutting area
2000*1500 3000*2000 4000*3000 1500*2000m 1800*3000
Axis travel
X axis 2000 3000 4000 1500 1800
Y axis 1500 2000 3000 2000 3000
X axis 150-200 150-200 150-200 150-200 150-200
CNC control system AC Sevor motor AC Sevor motor AC Sevor motor AC Sevor motor AC Sevor motor
Accuracy Cutting
Processing speed 0-15m/min
Power supply 220V/380V/415V ,3ph,50HZ/60HZ (can be customed as customer's request)
  Cutting samples

Core component options

Featuring a low noise, no pollution, high precision and high reliability

Waterjet cutting table

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High Pressure Pump

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Unique design of this water jet cutting machine makes the installation and the maintenance easier. Stable working pressure to ensure the working efficiency.


Max. Pressure: 380mpa
Power: 30KW/40HP


Max. Pressure: 420mpa
Power: 37KW/50HP


Max. Pressure: 420mpa
power: 74KW/100HP

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