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Echion™ waterjet pumps

Simplifying service




New Echion™ pumps

Designed and built to simplify service


Echion pumps are the first waterjet pumps to incorporate cartridge seals that substantially reduce time to conduct maintenance. Equipped with standard features such as our next evolution of Advanced Intensifier Technology™ (AIT) and closed-loop proportional pressure control, our new pumps offer you consistent cut quality while ensuring trouble-free operation and reliability.



Reduced maintenance time


Echion pumps include the next evolution of Hypertherm’s Advanced Intensifier Technology. This technology eliminates soft, static high-pressure seals and incorporates industry-leading cartridge seal design, enabling rapid replacement of common consumables.


Increased performance


Standard on all Echion pumps, closed-loop proportional pressure control adjusts for ambient pressure and temperature, oil viscosity and hydraulic system wear parts, to deliver consistent quality at optimum cutting speeds.


Improved reliability and ease of service


With 20% fewer parts than earlier generations, new Echion pumps include user-friendly features such as common service components located front and center, quickconnect fittings, and an easy access bleed-down valve, to make maintenance faster, easier, and less expensive.



Reduced footprint


Smart industrial design, including fully integrated cooling, allows a reduced footprint, enabling integration into small, tight spaces.

The next evolution of Advanced Intensifier Technology simplifies system maintenance
Say goodbye to complicated seal repair. Hypertherm Echion™ pumps incorporate cartridge seals, enabling rapid replacement of common consumables, leading to quicker return to service. Add this to other key features of AIT and it’s easy to see why Hypertherm is an unstoppable force in waterjet!

Choosing the right Echion™ pump for your application

System specifications

  Echion 15 Echion 30 Echion 50
  50 Hz 60 Hz 50 Hz 60 Hz 50 Hz 60 Hz
GENERAL Maximum output 1.1 lpm (0.3 gpm) 2.3 lpm (0.6 gpm) 3.8 lpm (1.0 gpm)
Maximum orifice 0.18 mm (0.007") 0.28 mm (0.011") 0.35 mm (0.014")
Output pressure Adjustable to 4,100 bar (60,000 psi)
Pressure control Closed loop proportional pressure control – standard equipment
Bleed down valve Air-actuated
PUMP POWER Motor power   11.2 kW (15 HP) 22.4 kW (30 HP) 37.3 kW (50 HP)
Voltage 400 V  208–230 V 460 V 400 V 208–230 V 460 V 400 V      208–230 V 460 V
Full load 23A 45–41 A 21 A 44 A 82–76 A 38 A 74 A 136–124 A 62 A
Main breaker 30A 60 A 30 A 60 A 100 A 60 A 100 A 200 A 100 A
Motor starter
(options if more than 1 listed)
Across-the-line Wye-Delta
Soft Start
Across-the-line Across-the-line
Soft Start
Soft Start
Wye-Delta Wye-Delta
Soft Start
Advanced Intensifier Technology Included as standard equipment
Closed loop proportional pressure control Included as standard equipment
PHYSICAL Width 1,090 mm (43")
Length 1,350 mm (53")
Height 1,010 mm (40")
Operating weight 775 kg (1,700 lbs.) 825 kg (1,850 lbs.) 925 kg (2,050 lbs.)
ACCESSORIES Boost pump Optional
Integrated air over oil cooling Optional
Bulkhead connection kit Optional
Metric conversion kit Optional
Pump mounted whip kit Optional

Core component options

Featuring a low noise, no pollution, high precision and high reliability

water jet cutting table

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1.Integral gantry type
2.Split gantry type 
3.large gantry type
4.Cantilever type

CNC Controller&Software

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Water jet cutting head

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Standard waterjet cutting head

Standard cutting heads is vertical cutting material

Max 5 cutting head

This Max 5 waterjet cutter can cut any angle within ±45°, it solves the traditional problem of water cutting inclination, and achieves 2D/3D cutting easily.

Dynamic 5 cutting head

our Dynamic 5 water jet cutting machine can ensure the accuracy of vertical cutting section by compensating the 10° cutting angle, without reducing the cutting speed.


Double cutting head or multiple cutting head means have two or more cutting heads on a cutting platform,that at the same time can perform the cutting task with the same track.



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