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Main Feature:

Control: PLC
Shifting: electro-hydraulic
Control Cooling: cooler/oil heat exchanger
Inlet water filter accuracy: ≤0.45μm
Oil-return filter accuracy: 20 μm
Working temp: 0-50°c
Outlet: UNF 3/8" Cooling in/out-let: NPT1"
Max orifice size: 0.33mm
YC water jet cutting pump is a kind of high pressure pump with unique design, which not only facilitates the installation and maintenance for customers, but also ensures stable working pressure and improves working efficiency. Now we have three kinds of high pressure pumps: 30KW / 40HP, 37KW / 50HP and 75KW / 100HP. You can choose the right water jet high pressure pump according to your cutting material and thickness. 
As waterjet intensifier pump  is an important part of the water jet cutting system, in order to improve its overall performance, the core components of the high-pressure pump are directly imported from the United States, such as supercharger assembly, valve parts and so on.            
In addition to our own water jet high pressure pump, we also provide high pressure pumps of famous foreign brands, such as KMT, Hypertherm, and BFT pump.
High Pressure Pump
Model YCG-3038 YCG-3742S YCG-7542S
Max Pressure 3800Bar/55,000Psi 4137Bar/60,000Psi 4137Bar/60,000Psi
Max Water Flow 3.7 L/min 3.7L/min 7.4L/min
Max.Orifice/Nozzle 0.011”/0.03” 0.013”/0.04” 0.016”/0.05”
Power 40Hp/30Kw 50Hp/37Kw 100Hp/75Kw


Regarding to the core parts of high pressure pumps, We have been cooperated with USA Hypertherm/Accustream since the year 2008.


Main Advantages:

Saving more than 30% of energy consumption.
The self monitoring compensation pressure makes the pressure output of
the whole high pressure system more stable.
The closed loop hydraulic circuit makes the oil temperature of the whole
hydraulic system greatly reduced.
The whole high pressure system works very low noise.
High low voltage function, make the cutting of fragile material more handy.
Soft start to avoid high current peak.
YCG-SERVO high pressure pump system is an efficient servo drive system for controlling the pressure / flow delivery.
The servo control system ( oil pump / motor ) matches the high pressure sensor to ensure accurate pressure control. The pressure / flow state of the pipeline is measured in the high pressure pipeline and the results are passed to the control system. In this way, a control loop is formed which can automatically match the selected cutting nozzle diameter by pressure / flow setting.
The motor of high pressure pump for water jet cutting can be speeded up to 2700 RPM in 50-60 milliseconds. If the cutting head is closed, the motor will be stopped and no energy is consumed.

Imported HP Pumps


Core component options

Featuring a low noise, no pollution, high precision and high reliability

water jet cutting table

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1.Integral gantry type
2.Split gantry type 
3.large gantry type
4.Cantilever type

CNC Controller&Software

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Water jet cutting head

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Standard waterjet cutting head

Standard cutting heads is vertical cutting material

Max 5 cutting head

This Max 5 waterjet cutter can cut any angle within ±45°, it solves the traditional problem of water cutting inclination, and achieves 2D/3D cutting easily.

Dynamic 5 cutting head

our Dynamic 5 water jet cutting machine can ensure the accuracy of vertical cutting section by compensating the 10° cutting angle, without reducing the cutting speed.


Double cutting head or multiple cutting head means have two or more cutting heads on a cutting platform,that at the same time can perform the cutting task with the same track.


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