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Introduction and characteristics of waterjet cutting equipment

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Introduction and characteristics of waterjet cutting equipment

Waterjet cutting is a high-pressure water cutting technology that uses high-pressure water to cut off machinery. Water jet cutting equipment is computer-controlled and can cut workpieces at will,with little impact on material quality. Due to easy of operation and high yield rate, waterjet cutting machines are gaining increasing acceptance in industrial cutting technology and non-metal cutting. Next, we take a look at the introduction and characteristics of waterjet cutting machines. Here are some answers.

Seven advantages of waterjet cutting equipment.

Firstly, waterjet cutting is environmentally friendly and non-polluting, producing no toxic gases or dust. Secondly, waterjet cutting can process glass, ceramics, and stainless steel, as well as various high hardness materials such as leather, rubber, and nappies. Third, waterjet cutting is the only means of complex processing of several composite materials and fragile porcelain materials. Fourthly, waterjet cutting has a smooth cut, no slag, and no secondary processing is required. Fifth, a water jet cutting machine can complete the drilling, cutting, and forming work at one time. Sixth, waterjet cutting production costs are low. Seventh, waterjet cutting has a high degree of automation.

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