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What are the characteristic advantages of waterjet cutting?

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The water jet cutting can be programmed quickly and can transfer programs generated by other software into the machine. It can create the tool path from CAD and calculate the precise positioning of the cutter head and the cutting speed over 2000 points/inch (800 points/cm), all you need to do is specify the material and thickness you want to cut and leave the rest to the machine. So do you know what other advantages waterjet cutting has to offer? Here are some answers.

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Eight advantages of waterjet cutting.

There are eight additional advantages of waterjet cutting.

Eight advantages of waterjet cutting.

Firstly, waterjet cutting can cut a wide range of materials, such as metal, marble, glass, and many more. Secondly, waterjet cutting has a high-quality cut, with smooth kerfs and no rough, burr-prone edges. Thirdly, because it uses water and abrasive cutting, no heat (or very little heat) is generated during the process, an effect that is ideal for materials affected by heat. For example, titanium. Fourthly, a high-pressure waterjet pump is environmentally friendly. This machine uses water and sand to cut, this sand does not produce toxic fumes during the process and can be discharged directly, which is more environmentally friendly. Fifthly, there is no need to change tools, which means you do not need to change the cutting machine unit, one nozzle can process different types of material and shapes, saving costs and time. Sixthly, waterjet cutting with abrasive grit has almost no burr in the cut. Seventh, waterjet cutting is quick to program, the program is mainly generated by CAD drawing software, you can design line drawings at will in layout or input DXF files generated from other software, in addition, the machine supports third-party software, such as nesting software for adding graphics to the workpiece, which can minimize workpiece loss. Eighthly, water jet cutting can cut parts in one pass with good edge quality, reducing process time and costs.

There are eight additional advantages of waterjet cutting.

Firstly, waterjet cutting machine can be combined with other machining equipment (e.g. drilling heads) to optimize the use of material by making the most of their performance. Secondly, water cutting reduces the number of adjustments and requires only minimal side pressure on the workpiece, reducing the need for complex clamping. Thirdly, waterjet cutting has no restriction on cutting direction and can be used for a variety of different cutting shapes. Fourthly, the horizontal and vertical forces generated are minimal, which reduces set-up times. Fifth, the same machine can be used for both drilling and cutting functions, reducing process time and cutting costs. Sixthly, no thermal effects or deformations, or minor cracks are produced, so no secondary machining is required, saving time and manufacturing costs. Seventhly, water jet cutting solutions do not produce toxic fumes, which provides a better working environment for the operator. Eighthly, water cutting does not produce burrs, which reduces the time and cost of manufacturing workpieces. Waterjet cutting has a fine kerf, which reduces the amount of waste material produced and saves direct manufacturing costs.

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