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Robotic Waterjet Cutting System

The robotic waterjet machine consists of robotic system, ultra high pressure system, softened water treatment system, vacuum adsorption and wastes discharge and separation system, safety protection system, electric apparatus control system, and the positioning mould.
The automatic cutting system completes all the cutting process through once-through operation, with the employment of extended arm robotic system for actuator, ultra high pressure system for cutting power, and mould for work piece positioning. The pure water cutting mode realizes the processing of edge contour and punching. Particularly, the separation of work piece and waste is conducted, simultaneously.

Main Feature:

The robotic waterjet cutting machine is applicable for cutting irregular curve. The work piece processed is characterized by smooth incision and optimal consistency.
Through the replacement of the fixing mould, the wide range of work pieces production can be realized.
Automatic and high efficiency, the robot cutting machine has excellent applicability by virtue of the intelligent and flexible control.
This range of water cooled cutting machine is well received due to the performance of energy conservation, environment protection, high economic efficiency, optimal reliability, and easy maintenance.


The robotic water jet cutting machine has faster cutting speed compared with that of the abrasive cutting series. It is particularly offered for cutting plastic, synthetic board, foam, etc. Particularly popular with automotive upholstery manufacture, our product is an optimal solution for car roof and carpet processing.


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