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Water Jet Nickel Mesh Cleaning Machine


The MAX1 series cleaning system is mainly composed of an ultra-high pressure generating system and a rotary screen cleaning machine system.



Main advantages of high voltage system

The low-pressure oil adopts reliable imported C-taper joint, which is convenient for high-pressure-resistant maintenance

The high-pressure pipeline adopts a rigid chase cone seal, which is safe and reliable, and has a good sealing effect

Our company imports high-pressure accessories directly from the American company ACCUSTREAM, using ceramic piston rods, all imported original high-pressure seals and low-pressure oil seals to ensure the stability and service life of the system

Technical characteristics

· Comply with CE standards, provide 24-hour continuous working performance guarantee;

· The pressure continues to be stable without fluctuations, and the core components of the automatic diagnosis protection energy use Virtue technology

Security protection system

· Double filtration in hydraulic system to ensure safety;

· Three-stage fine filtration of inlet water; 5μm / 1μm / 0.45μm;

· Oil temperature detection protects the oil temperature device and automatically shuts down when it exceeds 60s Celsius;

· The system has multiple alarms and protection. Once an alarm occurs, it will automatically shut down for protection.


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