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Water jet Food Cutting Machine
Wide scope of application 
Water jet cutting can be used not only for all kinds of pastry, pizza, biscuits, moss, but also for meat, fish,vegetables and frozen food cutting etc.   
Safety & Clean 
Cutting In the process of water cutting, food is only in contact with pure water, which avoids the risk of food contamination caused by traditional cutting tools.,It will not maake heat and add any chemicals. Hygiene is unmatched in the cutting process. typically the size of the stream is a width of a human hair at speeds up to 900m per second. This small kerf width is so thin that food will not be compressed or washed out.   No need for mold,
Easy Operating 
It is easy to obtain the processing graphics by drawing software (AuotoCAD). After the graphics or program is imported into the computer through USB-disk or internet, the pre-set program can be selected on the touch screen to obtain various processing shapes without any molds and tools. The operation is simple and the efficiency is high.   
High productivity,save time 
The quality of cutting depends on the type, temperature and cutting speed of the product. The average cutting speed is about 3-5m/min, when cutting mousse or biscuits, the speed can reach 10m/min.The biggest advantage of waterjet cutting is the time savings using pure water as a food cutting solution. Since no knife  blades are ever used, there is no downtime changing out or sharpening dull blades. 
Model: YCWJ-0806F
Table structure:
 - It is manufactured with food grade stainless steel,hygienic and reliable. Totally enclosed glass cutting space, clean and dust-free. we can clearly watch the cutting process under the LED lights .
 - It will be shut down if open the window, it's safe and smart. 
- The SS collecting tank can concentrate the residue and the waste water after cutting. 
- Movable cleaning window is simple and convenient to operate. 
- Only water cutting head is easy to maintenance. 
- With AC servo system, the accuracy is higher.
 - Linear guide and ball screw module is durable. 
- Effective cutting size:800mm*600mm*200mm 
- Maximum idle speed:8000mm/min 
- Maximum cutting speed:5000mm/min
Smart and clean
All stainless steel manufacturing
Easy of Adjustment
Details of Table
CNC Controller
Working Flow Chart
Food cutting solutions



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