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Fully enclosed mini water jet cutting machine
Wide scope of application

The cutting stroke of the  platform is exquisite, which is suitable for the processing of exquisite small samples.I it suitable for cutting any type of materials in a diverse range of industries.  


Safety & Clean Cutting 

In the process of water cutting, it will not make heat. Hygiene is unmatched in the cutting process. The door of this water jet cutting machine has a visual window for easy observation, it can effectively prevent water from splashing when cutting.  It adopts a fully enclosed design, conforms to CE standards, improves safety, reduces noise pollution, and is environmentally friendly.  


No need for mold,Easy Operating

It is easy to obtain the processing graphics by drawing software (Auto CAD). After the graphics or program is imported into the computer through USB-disk or internet, the pre-set program can be selected on the touch screen to obtain various processing shapes without any molds and tools. The operation is simple and the efficiency is high. 


Easy to carry and transfer

The shell adopts all-in-one full protection mode, small size, light weight, easy to carry and transfer 


Model: YCWJ-S1010Table 



- It is hygienic and reliable. Totally enclosed glass cutting space, clean and dust-free. we can clearly watch the cutting process .

- It will be shut down if open the window, it's safe and smart.

- The SS collecting tank can concentrate the residue and the waste water after cutting.

- Movable cleaning window is simple and convenient to operate.  



- With AC servo system, the accuracy is higher.

- Linear guide and ball screw module is durable.

- Effective cutting size1000mm*1000mm*200mm 

- Maximum cutting speed15m/min



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