We will attend the 123rd Canton Fair on 15th-19th,April.Our booth No. is 1.1F16 We will attend the 123rd Canton Fair on 15th-19th,April.Our booth No. is 1.1F16
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Waterjet Controller & Software


Product Configuration

DB9M/P cable
Lambda controller

Specification parameters

CNC Specification Number of Axes Supported
Control Signals Plus Frequency
Control Mode Position control
Control Signal
Differential signals
Position Signal Type
Communication External
PCI Interactive with Lambda
Spindle Analog Voltage Output
Tool Measurement Tool Measurement Mode
Fixed calibration, Mobile calibration,First calibration & Calibration after tool change
Compensation Compensation Type
Screw error compensation, Backlash compensation, AQE compensation, Tool compensation
Toolpath File Supported File Format
Operations WCS
Supporting WCS G54-G59 and Work Zero saving
Processing Technology
Array, Mirror&rotate, Cycle machining
Convenient Operation  Handwheel guide, Breakpoint resume, Tool selection
High-speed High-precision Optimization Interpolation Algorithms
T-type, S-type and LEP algorithms
Software Language Chinese, English
Safety & Reliability Sofeware Alarms
Alarms of program error, operation error, over-travel error, PLC error, and IO communication error


   Specification Parameters
Up to 16 axes interpolated
Hardware Architecture dual core ( Kontron)
With high performance and low power
Monitor 15" LCD - Integrated Touch Screen(Optional)
Peripheral interface: EtherCAT
Node EtherCAT to manage EcsLink
Mechatrolink® 2 and analogic drives
Up to 2048 I/O with EtherCAT
Modular machine panel (Optional)
Alphanumeric keyboard (Optional)
   Main Features 
To set of the start and stop points and their parameters
To apply a series of attributes to the selected profile(changes of Scale, mirror image, rotation)
To repeat the selected profile until a plate of set dimensions has been completed or on a matrix with a defined number of lines and columns
To graphically simulate the programmed operation
To save the operation and to call it back later; the selection is provided by a graphic help
To automtically select the preset operation or to call it back and to immediately carry it out

Nesting & Programming

  IGEMS is a modern CAD / CAM / NEST software designed for waterjet cutting machines.
Thousands of people around the world use IGEMS to make anything they want. With our massive knowledge within waterjet cutting, and the limitless usage of 
the machine, we’re trying to build products that serve our customers, not the other way around.

Core component options

Featuring a low noise, no pollution, high precision and high reliability

Cutting head

1.Integral gantry type
2.Split gantry type 
3.large gantry type
4.Cantilever type

CNC Controller&Software

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Max. Pressure: 380mpa
Power: 30KW/40HP


Max. Pressure: 420mpa
Power: 37KW/50HP


Max. Pressure: 420mpa
power: 74KW/100HP

Other brand HP Pumps


Waterjet cutting table

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Standard waterjet cutting head

Max. Pressure: 380mpa
Power: 30KW/40HP

Max 5 cutting head

This Max 5 waterjet cutter can cut any angle within ±45°, it solves the traditional problem of water cutting inclination, and achieves 2D/3D cutting easily.

Dynamic 5 cutting head

our Dynamic 5 water jet cutting machine can ensure the accuracy of vertical cutting section by compensating the 10° cutting angle, without reducing the cutting speed.


Double cutting head or multiple cutting head means have two or more cutting heads on a cutting platform,that at the same time can perform the cutting task with the same track.




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