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Optional Equipment

Automatic abrasive feeding system

Description of Water Jet Abrasive Feeding System:
This auto-abrasive feeding system is a recommended product of our company. With the functions of shoring and feeding sands for the machine, it also improves the automation and lessens intensity of labor. 

Features of Water Jet Abrasive Feeding System:

1. Using air pressure to transport the abrasive material
2. Air pressure: 0.2MPA
3. Flow: <0.3M³/min
4. Storage tank volume: 200KG (each time)
5. Max. feeding amount of abrasives: 0-1000K/MIN
-Automatic & High accuracy greatly reduce the workload of the workers.

Cooling system

   Waterjet Auto Water Cooling Tower
We guarantee the hydraulic system can be used in a cicrcular manner and save water.
     Air cooling system
This air-cooled type cooling system expands the cooling area and increases the ventilation flow, and is hardly affected by the working environment. It is equipped with independent automatic temperature control system with a separate cooling circuit, when the temperature reaches the set value, the air-cooled cooler runs automatically. Featuring energy efficient and environmentally friendly.
       Water Chiller
This chiller can take the place of water cooling tower, and much more efficient, if the temperature is high, this one is your best choice.
Model: TCO-10A/1D
Freezing capacity
BTU/KCAL: 125000/31500
Cooling Diameter: 2”
Pump Power: 1.5KW
Frozen Flow: 250L/Min
Tank Capacity: 150L
Dimensions: 1350mm *650mm*1250mm
Weight: 380KG

Auto Sludge remove system

Remove the abrasive from the tank automatically,separate the abrasive and water.Reduce the labor force,improve work efficiency.
The absorption pump sucks up the mixture of sand and water from the tank into a collection box when it works.There are plastic woven filter bags in the collection box,water is recycled to the machine tank, sand and the mixturefrom cutting are collected into filter bags Inside. So as to achieve the purpose of automatic collection to make it easy to clean.

Data of Single pump 
Flow rate:8 M³/H
Lift:50 M
Exit pressure:6 kgf/cm²
Absorption distance:7 M
Max. Diameter of solid particle which can get through:4.5mm
Inlet and outlet diameter of pump:40mm
Power:compressed air
Max. Inlet pressure:7 kg f/cm²
Max. Consumption of air:0.6 mm³/min
Diameter of air pipe:10mm
Collection box:1.6m*1.0m*1.0m
Optional imported pump available as customer's requirements (Brand: Ingersoll Ran)

Water soften system

Description of Water Jet Soften Treatment: 
Many kinds of compounds exist in the running water (such as calcium carbonate, carbonic acid). As the machine works, the temperature rise will generate some substance of the reaction of chemistry or physics-as we called it furring, which will reduce the life of the high pressure system and increase the cost. After many years' experience, we have developed the system that can solve the problem. We would like to recommend you this optional part if your supplied water is low quality. 
Quality requirement for water

Since the high-pressure water cutting work after high pressure, orifice small particles of impurities in raw water cutting and scaling, corrosion ion has an impact on the working life of equipment and precision, therefore, must be treated to the raw water supply equipment. High-pressure water jet cutting water quality requirements for the job: deionized water. Basic requirements for high pressure water jet cutting system with water quality water is greater than 0.5μm impurities must be removed, because in addition to the general water contains a certain amount of fine solid particles, there are many minerals dissolved in water, such as calcium carbonate, manganese , iron and silica, etc., not only reduces the life of the nozzle, but also affect the cohesion of the jet, thereby reducing the cutting efficiency. So be sure to remove it. Specific requirements as follows:
characteristics Of Impurities allow concentration(mg/L)
silicon 1.0
calcium 0.5
magnesium 0.5
ferrum 0.1
manganese 0.1
chloride 5.0
sulphate 25.0
nitrate 25.0
carbide -
All dissolved solids 50
PH Level 6.8-7.5
conductivity 50μs/cm

Hand-held Controller

Remote Control System 
The hand-held controller is available with a choice of wired or wireless handwheel. It is designed to control a machine tool remotely. This control console provides a convenient and intuitive solution for tool setting. It overcomes the problem when using a conventional tool setting method and also provides much convenience for observation and operation. 

Hydraulic loading system

Description of the Hydraulic Loading System

Overturn angle: 70°(measured up from the horizon)
Max. overturning moment load capacity: 350KG
The large cutting platform is hydraulically operated to overturn, which enables this hydraulic loader to load or unload an entire piece of stone while ensuring a minimum material loss and a high level of efficiency when the stone loading unit is running.

Cutting Head with Drilling Function

Cutting with bit:

It refers to cutting with automatic drilling function, mainly to increase a fully automated drilling assembly in the traditional waterjet cutting machine, because when cut the smaller pore with waterjet, the accuracy is not high, the efficiency is low. The perfect combination of automatic drilling assembly and CNC waterjet system can achieve the automatic drilling, automatic feeding, automatic chip removal, pre-drilling before cutting and other functions for smaller pore. It has the ability to complete a one-time cutting drilling, that improve the quality of products, but also improve the efficiency of production.
The pre-drilling function before cutting is mainly used for the multi-layered composite material, because of the characteristics of high-pressure water jets, before cutting and during drilling, water jet will take some time to punch through the material from the surface of material. In the drilling process, the non-multi-layered die-casting material is not affected, and have a certain impact on the multi-layered die-casting composite material, likely to cause stratification. At this time you can use the pre-drilling function, hit a hole as the inlet for cutting. This function is currently the best way to solve the problem of easy stratification when cutting the multi-layered composite material.
Supplied air pressure 0.5 mpa
Drilling capacity stroke Thrust Air consumption Weight
Aluminum(ADC) Castiron(FC200) Steel(S45C) Total
Cutting feed
stroke output
Min^-1 mm mm mm mm N M^3/min(ANR) kg
SFC-1338 3800 13 8 6.5 5 Max.100 0-60 680 0.45 0.55 10
SFC-1325 3000 10 8 6
SFC-1311 1100 12 10 8
SFC-1305 700 14 12 10
(2) Cutting head with LED lights: Cutting head can be equipped with LED lights for using when the workshop working environment is dark.
(3) Infrared cross line laser module optional: easy for alignment of cutting head
(4) Automatic edge detection function: aligning of large, heavy workpieces which are hard to move
1. Drilling capacity will differ depending on air pressure supplied (standard pressure 0.5 MPa).
2. When processing materials other than resin with a small-diameter drill (below 1 mm diameter), it is recommended to use the rotation speed 7,000 min-1 or less.
3. Standard attachments for Hydro Speed Regulator are RB-2430 for SFB model and RB-2460 for SFC model.
4. The selection of models should be based on the shape of the work, material, machinability, tool diameter and material, rotation speed (cutting speed), etc.
5. To reach maximum output, it is necessary to advance more than 7 mm from the start position.
6. When using tools with a carbide drill and tool shank that are harder than general high-speed drills, please contact the nearest sales office.




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