We will attend the 123rd Canton Fair on 15th-19th,April.Our booth No. is 1.1F16 We will attend the 123rd Canton Fair on 15th-19th,April.Our booth No. is 1.1F16
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Company news

  • Two containers were sent to South Korea within two weeks

    On November 25th and December 4th,2020,two 20GP containers were sent to South Korea.

  • Important auxiliary machinery in the field of welding equipment

    The development level of welding technology is one of the symbols to measure the development level of mechanical manufacturing and science in a country. Modern welding technology in the world is characterized by high efficiency, energy saving,high quality and digitalization,automation and intelligen

  • The Root Cause of Easy Damage of Waterjet Cutting Machine Spare Parts.

    The main factors affecting the waterjet cutting machine parts lifetime is metal fatigue. And how to extend the lifetime of waterjet cutting machine spare parts.

  • Amazing Swarovski hall processed by YC waterjet cutting machine

    YC waterjet cutting machine is widely used in Swarovski hall due to its high precision and perfect cutting.

  • Application of Water Jet Cutting in Composite Material Cutting 

    As everyone knows that a composite material consists of two or more kinds of materials, it is a new performance material which is formed through physical or chemical methods.It not only has a non-uniform composite structure, but also has inconsistent melting points in the composite layers. so hot cu

  • Product quality and service level are the foundation of enterprise development

    On April 8th, 2019, our engineers went to Poland for installation and debugging. This Poland customer has purchased three large machines from us, one set is 2000 mm * 6000 mm water jet cutting machine, and the other two sets are 2000 mm * 6000 mm plasma cutting machines, It shows that the quality of

  • YC Waterjet machine’s Saudi Arabia tour

    On July 31th, 2018, our engineers went to Saudi Arabia to help customers install and debug water jet machines.This customer has purchased three sets of water jet cutting machine with automatic drilling head from our company,he is absolutely our loyal customer . He used water jet mainly to cut rubber

  • YC water jet with roll-over stand will be exported to Egypt

    On August 3th, 2018, our company ushered in a client who came from Egypt. The customer came to check and accept the 4m*3m water jet machine with roll-over stand bought from our company.The client asked our engineer to cut the glass with his machine on the spot and was satisfied with the sample after

  • What is ultra high pressure water jet cutting robot?

    What is an ultra high pressure waterjet cutting robot? He is a set of water jet cutting system which is made of robot system, ultra high pressure system, softening water treatment system, safety protection system, electric control system and positioning die. It is suitable for many kinds of material

  • Oman customer check and accept YC 3D 5axis waterjet cutting system

    On May 14, 2018, our Oman clients came to our company to check and accept the 3D 5axis water jet cutting machine system they bought from our YC waterjet and learn how to operate this waterjet system. With the careful guidance of our engineers, customer quickly grasped the operation technology and tr

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