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CNC waterjet cutting machine for food

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   It will not cause the bacterial spread when using ultra-high pressure water jet for cutting food. And it also can save the time that used to sharpen traditional cutting tool .The water arrows which never be dull can cut into a very thin cutting path with astonishing speed.Ultra-high pressure water jet cutting machine can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of different products.

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   The process of making and processed methods:Much food can keep its freshness or giveflavor without hurtingtheir nutrition, color, or organization with using ultra-high pressure processing. Food can be achieved heat sterilization effect  without heat effect when it is exposed to 50000 PSI to 60000 PSI pressure in a short time (30 seconds to about more than 2minutes).Ultra-high pressure freshness-keeping not only can eliminate the harmful microstructure but also can kill harmful pathogens, such as E. colibacteria and listeria.And fermentation effect, flow sex change and Protein change characteristics and so on can be used in accordance with the pressure and time.




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