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Application of waterjet cutting machine in stone industry

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Compared with the traditional cutting method, the assembly time of stone can be greatly reduced by waterjet cutting machine. Whether it is a variety of stone, ceramics or artistic tiles, the abrasive waterjet cutting machine can cut intricate shapes efficiently, which will perfectly meet your requirements.

marble floor tiles pattern cutting

In the decoration process, we can cut different types of marble with waterjet cutting machine, which are mainly used for interior decoration of walls, as well as floors and tables.In the ceramic processing industry, the traditional cutting method is usually saw blade cutting,which can only cut straight lines. When cutting curves are needed, a template that meets the size requirements is first produced. After preliminary cutting, it is realized by manual grinding.This kind of cutting method is complex,it is not only very low in efficiency , but also very noisy and dusty.

Marble Granite Tile Machine

However,there are a lot of advantages of waterjet cutting machine.First of all,the cutting is smooth and the cutting quality is very high.The phenomenon of “explosion edge”will not be formed on the edge of incision after cutting.Secondly,the cutting accuracy reaches 0.1mm.The stitches are uniform,which can be used to make complex and beautiful stone parquet and murals.At the same time,the cutting efficiency is fast,the product consistency and interchangeablilty are good.The automatic nesting function can be realized and the working environment can be improved,which can reduce the influence of dust and noise on the operators.

 dynamic 5 axis waterjet cutting machine

The cutting head of dynamic 5 axis waterjet cutting machine can be inclined to cut in any direction.  Its maximum inclination angle is 10 degreesit is a kind of bevel cutting machine. The front side splice gap for stone pattern is very small , the gap on the back is big, which is easy to glue. So that this dynamic 5 axis waterjet cutting machine is very suitable for cutting parquet stone, the parquet flooring does not need to be polished again, which can save time and labor.

water jet cutting machine  water jet cutting machine  water jet cutting machine

Max 5 axis waterjet cutting head can produce 0-±45° or more inclined cuts with a maximum rotation angle of up to ±540°.Therefore, it can achieve the effect of 3d waterjet cutting. AC 5-axis waterjet cutting machine can cut various materials, such as metal, steel, wood, glass, stone, marble, granite, aluminum, tile, ceramics and composite materials. 

AC 5-axis waterjet cutting machine  

The floor-mounted flipping platform is specially designed for large stone cutting.The platform adopts a new structure design,in which the maximum turning angle of the platform is 80 degrees.The feeding height is only 50mm from the ground and the maximum bearing capacity is 1000kg.The design of hydraulic lifting mode is very suitable for stone cutting requirements.The original feeding method required several people can be changed. Nowadays,,only one person can complete the whole feeding process.This kind of platform is convenient and very simple to use.The waterjet cutting machine with hydraulic loading paltform can not only reduce the labor cost ,but also can reduce the damage rate of stone to very low.The structure of the cutting platform is used for the first time in the waterjet cutting machine field. Once used, the product has been highly praised by the majority of stone processing users.

 hydraulic loading paltform

High pressure waterjet cutting machine can complete the cutting of arbitrary complex shape at one time,and it is an effective tool to realize artistic creation.It is widely used in large buildings and family decoration,which greatly improves the grade of decoration.



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